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Building on Farmland - Paved Paradise, Put up a Fast Food Stand

Two of my fave local writers are Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titchenal who are columnists for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. In this column, they question the ongoing policy of horizontal urban expansion at the expense of farm lands. On Oahu, Maui and Kauai, rich farm lands are under threat from the expansion of houses. Granted, people gotta live somewhere. But in a place… Continue

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More Research Coming Up Against Candy - Give them an Organic Apple Instead!

My colleague Eric Wahlgren wrote this article looking at recent research on the topic of candy and violence in kids and teens. The findings are troubling and made me think twice about allowing regular candy consumption for my kids (meaning, 3-4 per week, a piece or two). What are your thoughts? You can read the article here. An excerpt is… Continue

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Our Favorite Hawaii Food Books

Hawaii Farmer's Market Cookbook

We are blessed in the Islands with literally dozens of cookbooks. Among my faves is the Hawaii Farmer's Market Cookbook by food write Joan Namkoong. Joan puts together a wonderful array of dishes that are easy to prepare and can really take full advantage of what grows here in Hawaii. In this tough economy, as more of us are cooking at home, this book is even… Continue

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In Dairyland, Pollan's Book Spurs Debate: What do You Thnk?

From this AP article:

In Dairyland, Pollan's 'Food' book sparks debate

By RYAN J. FOLEY (AP) – 6 hours ago

MADISON, Wis. — One best-selling book advocating fresh, local foods is shaking up America's Dairyland.

Students across University of Wisconsin-Madison's campus, organic grocers, scientists, and dairy farmers large and small have… Continue

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The Good Table - Support Meals on Wheels for Our Kupuna and Eat Great Local Food!

Here is a video about Lanikila Pacific - Meals on Wheels. They are having a wonderful benefit next month (we wrote about it in the newsletter) called the Good Table Oahu. It's a "synchronized eating event" on October 22. Patrons buy tables at one of… Continue

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Ma'o Farms Work Day on September 26

This coming Saturday Kokua is sponsoring a work day at Ma'o Farms. You will be getting hands dirty and an amazing education at one of Hawaii's largest organic commercial farms. At Ma'o, youths from the Waiana'e learn how to run a farm, market produce, care for the aina, and give back to community. This link tells more about work days entail. Interested? Email Heather for information on carpooling and transportation (napela1@yahoo.com).

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Raw Milk: What does everyone think?

My Raw Milk Empire. 5 gallons to get started m...

Image by RyanIsHungry via Flickr

As many of you now know, we're living part-time in Northern California for a while as I do some work in San Francisco. It's great to be in the epicenter of the locavore… Continue

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Thoughts on Labor Day

Not that long ago, we were all much closer to our food. That means, we grew it ourselves or we bought it from people we knew who grew it themselves. As we have moved further away from our food, our relationship with food has changed and not all for the better. Food is cheaper and plentiful in much of the world. Yet more and more of the food we consume is processed and unhealthy.

In our home, we have been growing our own food for some time. Not enough to sustain us but enough to… Continue

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My Favorite Things at Kokua

SAN PASQUAL, CA - OCTOBER 30: An avocado that...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

It is a little know fact that Kokua is perhaps the best… Continue

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